Momotus momota

The Amazonian Motmot is a captivating bird species that inhabits the tropical
forests of Brazilian woodlands. With its vibrant and striking plumage, the
Amazonian Motmot is easily recognized by its vibrant green body, orange chest,
and an intense blue crown that extends from the top of its head to its nape. This
royal blue crown is a distinctive feature that gives the bird its unique name in
Portuguese: blue-crowned motmot.
The Amazonian Motmot can measure between 16 and 18 inches in length and
weighs 5,11 ounces. Its song is similar to that of an owl, often emitted during
dawn and dusk. It enjoys feeding on fruits, insects, and small vertebrates. It
reproduces between July and November. Its nest can be a hole in a riverbank,
sometimes more than 3 feet deep, where 3 or 4 white eggs are laid.
It's spotted in various types of vegetation such as tropical forests, savannahs,
riparian forests, dry forests, and sparsely wooded areas. It doesn't fear humans
and can even be found in woodlands within urban areas. It can be found in the
northern, northeastern, and central-western regions of the Brazilian territory.