Trichothraupis melanops

The Black-Goggled Tanager is also known as the papa-taioca, papa-taoca, or cháu-
de-topete, in Brazil. It is easily recognized by its predominantly gray body and its
notable sunflower-yellow crest, which gives it an elegant and imposing
appearance. Its face, as well as its wings and tail tip, are black.
This species is dependent on forested areas and feeds on fruits such as bananas,
papayas, insects, and some seeds. Nests are built between September and
January. It inhabits the interior of dense and secondary forests, searching for
insects. It is usually found in pairs or small mixed groups. In addition to associating
with mixed flocks of other birds, this species also has connections with ants and
has been observed interacting with two species of monkeys to get food. It is not
intimidated by human presence and frequently feeds on fruits and cornmeal.
It is spotted in almost the entire southern region, as well as in the Atlantic Forest
of the southeastern region, southern Bahia, northeastern and central Goiás, and
western Mato Grosso do Sul.