Tangara cyanoventris

The Gilt-Edged Tanager is one of the most colorful and vibrant birds in the
Brazilian fauna. It is easily recognized by its bright and multicolored golden
feathers, with a yellow head, black forehead and throat, blue chest, black and
yellow streaked back, and green edges on its wings and tail – a striking sight
amidst the greenery of the Atlantic Forest.
The Gilt-Edged Tanager measures around 5,31 inches and weighs approximately
0,7 ounces. This species is known for its acrobatic abilities, hopping from branch
to branch, and hanging upside down to reach its food, which consists mainly of
fruits and some insects. The species is an important seed disperser, contributing
to the biodiversity maintenance of the forests it inhabits.
It lives in small groups, often associated with other tanager species. It has an
average of 2 broods per season, with 3 eggs each, and is abundant in the
mountainous regions of Northeast and Southeast Brazil.