Guaruba guarouba

The Golden Parakeet, or simply Golden Conure, is a stunning bird with its vibrant green and yellow feathers, making it one of the most emblematic birds of the Brazilian fauna. It measures around 13,3 inches and weighs about 9 pounds. The Golden Parakeet displays the colors of the Brazilian flag, which is why many consider it the best alternative for the national bird.

It inhabits the canopies of tall, humid forests. It is quite social, even during breeding season, living in flocks of 4 to 10 individuals. It feeds on seeds, oily fruits, fruits, and flowers. It seeks out tall and hollow trees to build its nests, within a deep chamber that prevents predators, like toucans, from accessing it. It lays 2 to 3 eggs that are incubated for approximately 30 days, not only by the parents but also by other members of the flock. These "helpers" also contribute to caring for the chicks until they become adults.

It is exclusively found in Brazil, from the western Maranhão to the southeastern Amazonas, always south of the Amazon River and east of the Madeira River.