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    pink soft garden short sleeve mini dress

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    blue full of flowers organic cotton midi dress

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  • pink leopard forest midi dress

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Garden Party Dresses

Garden parties are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions while enjoying a bit of sunlight and nature — both things we love here at FARM Rio. So what could be better than making the most of this moment by dressing in happiness with our vibrant and tropical dresses?

On this page, you'll find our full range of women's garden party dresses, in lengths, styles, and colors made to suit your mood, whatever the season. From solid-color pieces with embroidery work to delicate floral ones, browse all the options and find the style to help you flower your way through the landscape!


Garden party dresses: from mini to maxi styles, we have it all

When it comes to garden parties and outdoor events, the first things that usually come to mind are the fresh breeze, the sun touching our skin, and the smell of nature all around. Inspired by this unique vibe, we've created a full range of garden party dresses to match your moment in the most authentic Brazilian style.

The pieces feature flowy silhouettes, refreshing fabrics, and nature-inspired details on prints and embellishments to make you look and feel like you belong to the view. Keep reading to see all the details of the range:


Garden party dresses by length

Our garden party dresses offer a variety of mini-length styles, perfect for flattering your legs and helping you enjoy the warm weather. We also have midi and maxi pieces for those who want to show how effortlessly it can be to look sophisticated, anytime.


Floral garden party dresses for all styles

If you're looking for a piece to match the atmosphere, our floral garden party dresses are the ideal choice. Here you'll find printed options, from small and delicate flowers to maxi and bold ones, for a more classic look. We also have embroidered pieces, all carefully created by our team, to give your outfit a unique artisanal vibe.


Garden party dresses with tropical prints

Our range of garden party dresses also offers options for those who want to fully dive into our tropical essence, with nature-inspired prints and embroidery work that tell stories and show the best of our rainforests — from native birds to typical fruits and plants.


Solid-color garden party dresses

For the classic ones, we offer plenty of solid-color styles with silhouettes, and fabric detailing to make you look farm-from-ordinary — ah, and they also work perfectly as garden party bridesmaid dresses! Find options with plunging necklines, Guipure and Richelieu work, cut-out waistlines, and more!


What is the appropriate length and style for a garden party dress?

The appropriate length for the garden party dress will depend on how formal the event is, and what season it takes place. For formal situations, the maxi and midi styles are always a good choice, as they help to create a naturally elegant silhouette.

If the event allows a more casual look, or if it's a summer garden party, dresses with mini lengths are perfect for helping you fit the dress code while enjoying the sun and warm weather.


Are there specific recommendations for prints, colors, or fabrics?

There aren't many rules when it comes to choosing the right print, color, or fabric for your garden party dress. The secret is to always be mindful of the dress code, weather, and — of course! — be true to your own style. That's why here, at FARM Rio, we offer options of lengths, fabrics, and detailing for everyone, from classic to bold ones.


What kind of dress should be worn at a garden wedding?

If you're looking for dresses for garden party weddings, it's always a good choice to opt for midi and maxi styles, as they can easily fit more formal situations. Besides the options we have on this page, you can also check our wedding guest dresses range for more inspiration!


Can garden party dresses be worn for other occasions as well?

Of course! Our dresses — like everything you find on our website — are for every occasion, from casual to formal ones. You can wear our one-pieces at parties, brunches with friends, for a walk in the park, and even to work. Just pair your garden party dress with the right accessories, and you're ready to spread happiness wherever you go, no matter the situation.

Here at FARM Rio, we're always ready to help you find the perfect outfit for every moment of your routine, always bringing the best of our unique tropical Brazilian essence. Order your garden party dress, and make the most of your visit to our website by also checking our exclusive beachwear range!