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    black velvet lace sleeveless maxi dress

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    brown paisley bloom long sleeve maxi dress

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    black floral embroidered v neck maxi dress

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    blue nature beauty short sleeve maxi dress

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    light pink star fruit midi dress

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    yellow sleeveless maxi dress

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  • white monstera maxi dress

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Wedding Guest Dresses

So you have received an invitation for the wedding of the year, but don't know what to wear? At FARM Rio, we have the perfect dress to turn you into the (second) best-dressed of the party — we wouldn't like anyone to upstage the bride, of course.

From long-sleeve solid-color pieces to printed sleeveless options, we've got you covered with styles that bring the best of our tropical Brazilian vibe, regardless of the season. So browse our range available on this page, and the bride won't be the only one saying yes to the dress!


Wedding guest dresses: options for all seasons and styles

We know how challenging it can be to pick the right outfit when you're invited to a wedding situation: the look needs to create the perfect balance between matching the dress code and the season while making you look classy and true to your own style.

That's why we created a full range of wedding guest dresses to suit your needs, whatever they are. On this page, you'll find pieces that feature our colorful and vibrant Brazilian essence in styles to be worn from summer to winter, whether you're classic or bold. Check all the details of our range and find the one to help you dress in happiness for the occasion:


Spring and summer wedding guest dresses

If you're looking for spring and summer wedding guest dress inspiration, we have just the right options. Here, you'll find one-pieces that bring a flowy silhouette to your look, all made with fresh fabrics and featuring embroidery work, floral embellishments, and other details that remind the best of our Brazilian beach vibes.

From short-sleeve and sleeveless options to halter or one-shoulder necklines, pick your perfect match, and you're ready to be complimented while heading to give the best compliments to the happy couple.


Fall and winter wedding guest dresses

Our fall and winter wedding guest dress options are the perfect pick to make you feel warm while making everyone else speechless. We've got plenty of far-from-ordinary long-sleeve pieces, with high necklines, puff sleeves, and shiny fabrics to embrace your silhouette and make you look tropically sophisticated in the coldish season.


Mini to maxi wedding guest dresses

Here, you can also find all length options to dress in happiness for the event of the year with our mini, midi, and maxi wedding guest dresses. The long pieces are perfect for creating a flowy and elegant look, while the short dresses will flatter your legs and make you even more comfortable on the dance floor when it's party time.


Bold solid-color wedding guest dresses

Our solid-color pieces are the perfect pick if you want to show everyone you can be classic and bold at the same time. We've got dresses in vibrant colors, such as blue, green, orange, and pink, that represent all the fun Brazilian energy. Pair it with a just-as-bold pair of shoes, and you're ready to be elected the guest of honor.


Nature-inspired printed wedding guest dresses

If you're looking for a statement piece to be remembered for years, our printed wedding guest dresses are here to help. Our range features original designs based on Brazil's tropical fauna and flora, all developed by our creative team that is always inspired by good energies, tropical vibes, and the power of spreading happiness wherever you go.


Garden wedding guest dresses from day to nighttime

Speaking of nature, here you can also find a full range of garden wedding guest dresses to help you flower your way through the event, whether it is a day or nighttime situation. The printed pieces are perfect if you want to match the atmosphere and feel like part of a painting, while the solid-color styles will give you a timeless look.

And if you want even more inspiration, check out our full range of garden party dresses!


Is a maxi dress suitable for a wedding guest?

Of course! Maxi dresses are great options for wedding situations, even if it's a more casual one. The long style can easily flatter your silhouette and make you look effortlessly elegant. If you're afraid of ending up looking overdressed — which won't happen, don't worry! —, our solid-color maxi wedding guest dresses are the perfect pick!

How to dress warmly for a winter wedding?

If you want to keep warm and cozy during a winter wedding, you can always put on just-as-classy outerwear over your dress — such as blazers to pair with short pieces, or coats to match your long ones.


How to accessorize a wedding guest dress?

The secret to perfectly accessorizing your wedding guest dress is balance: if you're wearing a printed piece, the gold and silver accessories will bring the right amount of sparkle to the look, while the solid-color dresses will look even better if matched with a bold pair of maxi earrings.

Whether it is a casual summer occasion, or a sophisticated not-so-warm one, at FARM Rio, you can find the right dress to flatter your natural energy and help you spread happiness wherever you go.


Order your favorite pieces on our website, and make the best of your moments with our unique tropical styles — we ship nationally and internationally. And if you're looking for far-from-ordinary casual pieces to color up the city, check out our urban getaway range!