Camptostoma obsoletum

The Southern Beardless Tyrannulet is a charming and small bird that can be found
throughout the Brazilian territory. With a discreet appearance and soft tones, it
has a grayish head and slightly greenish back, a semi-crest that looks a bit
disheveled, a yellowish belly, and measures about 3,7 inches. The name "risadinha"
as it’s called in Brazil (which translates to "giggle" in English) is due to the unique
sound of its vocalization, characterized by a sequence of sharp, high-pitched,
descending notes that resemble a series of gentle and cheerful laughs.
It has a diverse diet, mainly feeding on invertebrates but also consuming small
fruits. Its breeding period ranges from July to December. Its nest is spherical and
constructed with plant material. Being wary, it is always quite active, moving from
the tops of prominent trees to near the ground. It is spotted from the Amazon
rainforest to areas of shrubby fields throughout the country, adapting to urban
environments with tree coverage.