Sicalis flaveola

The Saffron Finch is one of the most charming birds in Brazil, possessing a
melodious and robust song that is very popular among enthusiasts.
Like a ray of sunshine, its plumage is yellow and features black streaks on its back
and face. With a length of about 5,11 inches and weighing only 0,7 ounces, they
are easily found in both urban and rural areas, primarily feeding on seeds and
Despite their diminutive size, Saffron Finches are territorial animals and fiercely
defend their space against other canaries and birds. They often stay in flocks
when not in the breeding season. They live in groups, sometimes numbering in the
tens of individuals. During breeding season, which occurs between September
and January, females lay 2 to 4 eggs at a time. They nest in cavities and
occasionally take advantage of other birds' nests, like those of the Rufous
Hornero. They coexist well with humans and can even nest on farmhouse roofs
where they are not hunted.
They are found from Maranhão in the north, to Rio Grande do Sul in the south,
and from Mato Grosso in the west to the coastal islands of São Paulo and Rio de