Amazona aestiva

The Blue-Fronted Amazon, also known as the true green parrot, is one of the most
iconic and recognizable bird species in Brazil. Its vibrant plumage, mainly
composed of shades of bright green, makes it unmistakable. It is distinguished by
its yellow head, with blueish green forehead and cheek, red shoulders outlined
with yellow, wings with a red portion and a dark blue tip. It measures between
13,7 and 14,56 inches and weighs about 14 ounces.
In addition to its striking appearance, the Blue-Fronted Amazon is famous for its
ability to mimic human sounds and words. It is one of the most sociable and
intelligent birds in the animal kingdom. It lives in family groups and displays
complex communicative behaviors. It feeds on seeds and fruits and usually
reproduces in rock crevices, cliffs, or tree hollows. The chicks stay in the nest for
about 2 months and take 5 years to reach adulthood.
It inhabits humid forests, savannas, gallery forests, and palm groves. It is common
to find them in pairs or flocks. Its best defense mechanism is to remain still and
silent. It occasionally yawns, and to sleep, it gathers in flocks. It is found in the
countryside of Brazil, in the Northeast, Central-West, Southeast, and South