Our pop-up at Rinascente Milano Duomo showcases giant hand-made sculptures that have been created by FARM Rio team in collaboration with multi-artist Gringo Cardia and the Proeza Institute, an organization recognized by UNESCO that empowers women through the ancient arts of embroidery and crochet.


Inspired by the idea of a surrealistic nature, these sculptures not only give new dimensions to our tropical prints but also celebrate Brazilian traditions at its full power and cultural heritage as the real luxury.


From March 21st to May 1st, visit our pop-up store at Rinascente Milano Duomo.

Gringo Cardia is a prominent figure in the Brazilian and international cultural scenes, known for seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary elements to design stunning environments and memorable experiences. Working with him was both a privilege and a pleasure, as he provided a fresh perspective on our vibrant aesthetic and helped us explore new meanings in our relationship with craftsmanship. With his guidance, each crochet stitch became a symbol of our creative bond, and even color was an opportunity to embrace the enchantment that only art can evoke.

The forest-inspired sculptures at the Rinascente building were made possible by the skillful hands of the Proeza Institute artisans. This organization, founded by an incredible woman and recognized by UNESCO, champions gender equality in the outskirts of Brasilia through community initiatives, education, traditional craftsmanship and the reuse of discarded materials. Our collaboration was not only about sharing our creative process, but also our values, such as the desire to produce more sustainably, preserve Brazilian culture and empower women to choose and follow their own path.