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  • green lace monsteras jumpsuit

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  • green lace monsteras mini dress

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  • red jungle scarf romper

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  • off-white flower tapestry organic cotton mini dress

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  • blue lace banana midi dress

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  • colorful leaves midi dress

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  • red sleeveless midi dress

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  • off-white rainbow toucans organic cotton maxi dress

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  • off-white tropical romance romper

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  • off-white flower maxi dress

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  • yellow sleeveless maxi dress

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  • red jungle scarf wrap midi dress

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  • red palm tree mini dress

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  • off-white flower tapestry midi dress

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High Summer 2023

Whoever said all summer love stories have an end surely hasn't met FARM Rio's High Summer clothes for women. We've created staples featuring vibrant colors and prints to match the warmest season's energy, all made with the easiest silhouettes and fabrics to deal with solar temperatures. Keep browsing from modern to artisanal styles to fall for your new wardrobe obsessions!

Women's summer clothes: staples to spread joy through beach-city life

Summertime is all about easiness and vibrant energy. And what better way to match this aesthetic than wearing women's summer clothes in radiant colors and fresh materials, designed by experts in nice weather?

Our High Summer range is here to brighten your season's plans with effortless essentials that are easy to wear and hard to forget, all featuring warm hues and prints inspired by Brasil's fauna, flora, culture, and spontaneity. From classic embroidered and crochet styles to modern graphic designs, dive into our collection and reimagine your solar wardrobe with our far-from-ordinary staples!

Dresses in all lengths and colors

Make a statement every time you get on the streets as you pass by wearing one of our mini, midi, or maxi dresses in flowy styles that get you through AM-PM situations, bringing along your joyful touch. Find body-embracing silhouettes, show-some-skin cut-out detailing, classic, plunging, one-shoulder necklines, and much more made to ease you into breathtaking statement looks.

One-pieces to match your urban vibe

If you're into modern staples, our jumpsuits and rompers are the perfect way to get you summer-ready. We've designed boredom-free pieces in colorful, nature-inspired prints and practical shapes, with side pockets, adjustable belted waistlines, zippers, or button closures — everything you need to create effortless styles for everywhere and every wear.

Tops in all styles for all your moments

Your everyday life gets a creative touch with the different top styles in our summer clothes collection! Browse among embroidered and spaghetti straps crop tops, easy-breezy blouses and bodysuits, chic-yet-cool shirts, and stylish tees in graphic prints and responsibly produced fibers, such as organic cotton, perfect for creating a visual impact while caring for the planet.

Skirts to flatter your silhouette

Flowing through the solar season will feel as light as it should be if you're in one of our mini, midi, and maxi skirts. Find knit and crochet staples in skin-tight fits, styles to get you from the beach to the city in radiant looks, and layered and ruched designs to play with and flatter (even more!) your natural shape.

Shorts for effortless style creations

Your summer clothing wardrobe will be ready for every situation with our shorts, made to (re)introduce your legs to the sunlight. Dive into relaxed-fit and tailored day-to-night staples, from solid to printed fabrics, to find your new go-to faves to deal with the warm temperatures always in style.

Pants in vibrant hues for a warm city life

Even your 9-5 schedule can get a touch of vacation wear with our summer clothing pants. From slim to relaxed fits and casual to tailored pieces, these easy styles feature bold prints and palettes to get you through office hours, special occasions, and everything in between in a chic-yet-cool way.

What are the best fabrics for summer clothing?

The best fabrics for summer clothes are always breathable, such as cotton, viscose, and linen — which can all be found in the composition of our styles to give your day a sense of freedom from the inside out!

How do you style clothes in the summer?

The secret for styling clothes in the summer is going for easy, light compositions, such as cut-out and crochet detailing, or show-some-skin designs, to let the breeze and the sunshine in. All of our staples bring these elements in different shapes and colors just so you can find the ones to match your mood, whatever it is. <3

What colors should be worn in summer?

Radiant color palettes are the best ones to match the summertime energy. That's why our women's summer clothes feature bright hues, such as white and pastel tones, and warm shades of pink, red, green, blue, orange, and more — perfect for pairing up with nature's colorful landscapes and helping you create unforgettable solar moments.

How to dress smart in colorful summer clothes?

If you're looking for ideas to stand out from the basic crowd, our chic-yet-cool tailored style shirts and pants are here to help. Mix and match them to create bold looks, or go for coordinate sets that get you from 9-5 straight to happy hours in the most far-from-ordinary outfits.

Ready to bring out the sun, whatever the weather? So order your new summer clothes today at FARM Rio and make the most of your joyful visit by keeping up with our latest arrivals for year-round vibrant fashion moments!