What is Nature Lovers?

Nature Lovers is a strategically crafted brand movement that consistently reinforces our commitment to the natural world. It encompasses everything from products and prints inspired by nature to more intricate initiatives, such as our reforestation program. In 2024, this commitment becomes even more significant as we unveil various "acts" throughout the year, including collaborative capsule collections and other projects.


A little heads up: the movement goes beyond just fauna and flora; it also celebrates individuals whose connection with nature serves as an inspiration. FARM Rio is all about people, their stories, cultures, and creative expressions—even when it comes to nature. Our long-standing partnership with the Yawanawa women is a great example of this.


Who are the Yawanawa people?

The Yawanawa is a forest-dwelling community originating from the Amazon, situated in the Indigenous Land Rio Gregório in the state of Acre, in the northern region of Brazil. They are part of the Pano linguistic group and currently comprise 1500 individuals organized across 17 villages. Legally, they are represented by two organizations, one of them being the Yawanawa Cultural Association, with whom FARM Rio maintains a partnership.


What is the FARM Rio ❤️ Yawanawa partnership?

In 2017, we embarked on a creative collaboration with Yawanawa women artisans, showcasing and selling their bead jewelry and later evolving into creating collaborative capsule collections. Beyond fair compensation, FARM Rio has been actively investing in six Yawanawa villages, providing diverse forms of support to these communities.


What are the benefits of the FARM Rio ❤️ Yawanawa partnership?

In addition to supporting the production and distribution of Yawanawa jewelry and objects by covering their costs, a portion of the profits from all products in our partnership goes to the Yawanawa Sociocultural Association, which contributes to the entire community's well-being through initiatives jointly defined annually. These initiatives already included reforestation projects, installing internet and electrical infrastructure in certain areas, and strengthening the Mariri Festival (a big celebration of the Yawanawa culture), among other actions.


How was the creative process with the Yawanawa women?

In this collection, all prints were crafted through video conversations between the Yawanawa women and our design, marketing, and partnership team members. Drawing inspiration from rich discussions about their culture and life experiences in the forest, our teams created the designs. However, during three collaborative meetings, the Yawanawa added their invaluable touch, providing correction, validation, and meaningful names to each print.


Are all pieces in the collection crafted with responsible materials?

No, pieces made with responsible materials will be clearly marked on the brand's channels.


Why is the price of Yawanawa jewelry and objects higher?

The prices of these products are higher because, in addition to the precious craftsmanship of our artisans, we use high-quality materials. The beads are extra special, as they are resistant to breakage, peeling, and color fading, ensuring that these pieces attain the status of jewelry with guaranteed durability.


Also, the cost of these pieces' entire production and distribution logistics is higher. The main Yawanawa village is an 8-hour boat ride from the central part of the municipality of Tarauacá, in Acre. Still, many artisans reside in even more remote areas, spread across 15 other villages, necessitating even longer journeys. Once the jewelry is ready, another logistical phase begins as we collect them and ensure they reach the nearest post office for their final trip to Rio de Janeiro, where the FARM Rio headquarters are.


It's important to emphasize that our pricing and business model with Yawanawa women are grounded in fair trade practices and values such as local sustainability, equity, transparency, and mutual respect.


Why is it important to support indigenous art?

When you purchase Yawanawa jewelry or objects, you support an entire community, bolstering its economy and promoting its culture and worldview. Moreover, you are inherently aiding in the protection of the Indigenous Land Rio Gregório amidst the Amazon rainforest, as there is no forest without indigenous peoples and no indigenous peoples without the forest.