My garment is fading, what can I do to reduce color loss?

Wash it inside out in low temperatures, using eco-friendly and/or neutral detergent.

How to avoid frequent washings?

Since washing clothes gradually wears out the fabrics, you can create the habit of hanging your clothes to refresh them after use.

My clothes have pills, what can I do to prevent/remove them?

It occurs due to constant friction on clothes and can be reduced by turning the clothes inside out before washing and storing. You can use a razor blade, dishwashing sponge, or lint remover to remove them.

How to remove stains?

Wash only the necessary area where the stain is located with neutral soap or eco-friendly remover.

How to prevent mold?

You can hang your clothes to refresh them.

How can the lifespan of torn clothes be prolonged?

Rips and holes are not reasons to discard your pieces. You can choose to repair them yourself by sewing or customizing your pieces.

What do I do with clothes I no longer want?

Other people and projects can give new stories to old pieces. So donate, sell, or exchange them :)

What do I do with clothes that can no longer be worn?

First, rethink and use your creativity to find a new destination for that piece (upcycling). If there are really no solutions, the product should be discarded in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.