Chlorostilbon lucidus

The Glittering-Bellied Emerald is also known as the Emerald Hummingbird. It has a red bill, its plumage is bright green on the back and belly, with a more intense golden shimmer on its forehead and a bluish tint on its throat. The tail feathers are iridescent metallic blue. It measures between 2,9 and 4,1 inches and weighs about 0,15 ounces. It has distinct vocalizations to express its attacks, often sung during flight.

It feeds almost exclusively on flower nectar. It also consumes insects and spiders. It constructs its nests on the branches of small shrubs, coffee plants, or close to leaves. The outer walls of the nest are adorned with lichens, leaf fragments, and twigs, making it blend with the environment. It typically lays 2 eggs that hatch between 15 and 18 days. After hatching, the chick remains in the nest for approximately 20 days before leaving.

It inhabits flower-filled gardens, yards, sparse scrublands, open areas, and forests with flowering candeia trees. During its peak activity hours, it can be very aggressive. It enjoys sunbathing and stretching after resting. It can be found from the Northeast region of Brazil to Espírito Santo and down to Rio Grande do Sul.